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Chemipat Ltd located in Salford, Lancashire is a family owned and run company founded in 1976. We manufacture Adhesives, Coating Solutions, Sealants and Polymer bound dispersions. The products we manufacture are used in a wide variety of industries involving printing, rubber proofing, rubber compounding, cable & belt production, tyre production, closed cellular rubber products, building and construction. We manufacture wide variety of intermediate products which are used worldwide through various industries.
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What Chemipat can offer

closed cellular rubber products
We offer a bespoke service to provide customers with the product they require designed around there processing equipment and application needs. We can work together in developing a solution. We also offer a confidential toll production service to a customer’s own formulation within the range of product we can manufacture. We can provide customers own branded product.


quality management registered
We are ISO9001:2008 quality management registered and are continually looking forward in our approach to quality manufacturing. We work in partnership with many blue chip companies within the industry through a toll production service and bespoke developed products service which both require a full record of traceability.

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chemical polymers
Contact Chemipat for any further information on any of our products and services. Our specialists will be happy to help with any query. Fill in our contact form or call us today on
01618 351 420.

Chemipat Ltd provide chemical polymers for advanced technologies, call us today on 

01618 351 420
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